Title: Aircraft Anatomy, Author: Paul E. Eden
Title: Military Aircraft, Tanks and Ships: Visual Encyclopedia, Author: Robert Jackson
Title: World's Greatest Military Aircraft, Author: Thomas Newdick
Title: Mosquito: The Original Multi-Role Combat Aircraft, Author: Graham M. Simons
Title: Night Witches: The Amazing Story of Russia's Women Pilots in WWII, Author: Bruce Myles
Title: Mosquito: Menacing the Reich: Combat Action in the Twin-Engine Wooden Wonder of World War II, Author: Martin W. Bowman
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Title: Battle of the Atlantic 1942-45: The climax of World War II's greatest naval campaign, Author: Mark Lardas
Title: Boyd: The Fighter Pilot Who Changed the Art of War, Author: Robert Coram
Title: Lucky 666: The Impossible Mission That Changed the War in the Pacific, Author: Bob Drury
Title: World War II US Gunships: YB-40 Flying Fortress and XB-41 Liberator Bomber Escorts, Author: William Wolf
Title: Arado Ar 196 Units in Combat, Author: Peter de Jong
Title: Malaya & Dutch East Indies 1941-42: Japan's air power shocks the world, Author: Mark Stille
Title: Lords of the Sky: Fighter Pilots and Air Combat, from the Red Baron to the F-16, Author: Dan Hampton
Title: Sinking Force Z 1941: The day the Imperial Japanese Navy killed the battleship, Author: Angus Konstam
Title: The Night Stalkers: Top-Secret Missions of the U.S. Army's Special Operations Aviation Regiment, Author: Michael J. Durant
Title: Semper Fi in the Sky: The Marine Air Battles of World War II, Author: Gerald Astor
Title: Tiger Cub: The Story of John Freeborn DFC*, Author: John Freeborn
Title: Wings of Gold: The U.S. Naval Air Campaign in World War II, Author: Gerald Astor
Title: Great Book of Combat Aircraft, Author: Paolo Matricardi
Title: Stealth: The Secret Contest to Invent Invisible Aircraft, Author: Peter Westwick

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