Title: The Edge of Belonging, Author: Amanda Cox
Title: Burning Sky: A Novel of the American Frontier, Author: Lori Benton
Title: Irish Meadows (Courage to Dream Series #1), Author: Susan Anne Mason
Title: A Long Time Comin', Author: Robin W. Pearson
Title: Missing Isaac, Author: Valerie Fraser Luesse
Title: A Place Called Wiregrass, Author: Michael Morris
Title: The Baggage Handler, Author: David Rawlings
Title: Into the Free, Author: Julie Cantrell
Title: This Heavy Silence, Author: Nicole Mazzarella
Title: Stars in the Grass, Author: Ann Marie Stewart
Title: Fireflies in December, Author: Jennifer Valent
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Ezekiel's Shadow
by David Ryan Long
Narrated by  Richard Ferrone
Audiobook (Unabridged)

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Title: Where Mercy Flows, Author: Karen Harter
Title: Heartless (Tales of Goldstone Wood Series #1), Author: Anne Elisabeth Stengl
#1 in Series
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Title: Words, Author: Ginny L. Yttrup
Title: Blue Hole Back Home: A Novel / Edition 1, Author: Joy Jordan-Lake