Title: Revolution 2.0: The Power of the People Is Greater Than the People in Power: A Memoir, Author: Wael Ghonim
Title: Into the Hands of the Soldiers: Freedom and Chaos in Egypt and the Middle East, Author: David D. Kirkpatrick
Title: The Angel: The Egyptian Spy Who Saved Israel, Author: Uri Bar-Joseph
Title: Nasser: The Last Arab, Author: Said K. Aburish
Title: Britain, Nasser and the Balance of Power in the Middle East, 1952-1977: From The Eygptian Revolution to the Six Day War / Edition 1, Author: Robert McNamara
Title: The Struggle for Egypt: From Nasser to Tahrir Square, Author: Steven A. Cook
Title: Inside Egypt: The Land of the Pharaohs on the Brink of a Revolution, Author: John R. Bradley
Title: The Power Triangle: Military, Security, and Politics in Regime Change, Author: Hazem Kandil
Title: Egypt's Lost Spring: Causes and Consequences, Author: Sherif Khalifa
Title: Once Upon A Revolution: An Egyptian Story, Author: Thanassis Cambanis
Title: Egypt in a Time of Revolution: Contentious Politics and the Arab Spring, Author: Neil Ketchley
Title: Chronicles of the Egyptian Revolution and its Aftermath: 2011-2016, Author: M. Cherif Bassiouni
Title: Muslim Rebels: Kharijites and the Politics of Extremism in Egypt, Author: Jeffrey T. Kenney
Title: Militarizing the Nation: The Army, Business, and Revolution in Egypt, Author: Zeinab Abul-Magd
Title: Family, Power, and Politics in Egypt: Sayed Bey Mare--His Clan, Clients, and Cohorts, Author: Robert Springborg
Title: Structuring Conflict in the Arab World: Incumbents, Opponents, and Institutions / Edition 1, Author: Ellen Lust-Okar
Title: Reconstructing Rural Egypt: Ahmed Hussein and the History of Egyptian Development, Author: Amy J. Johnson
Title: Egypt's Revolutions: Politics, Religion, and Social Movements, Author: Cynthia Schoch
Title: Everyday Economic Practices: The 'Hidden Transcripts' of Egyptian Voices / Edition 1, Author: Savinna Chowdhury
Title: Imperial Diplomacy in the Era of Decolonization: The Sudan and Anglo-Egyptian Relations, 1945-1956, Author: W. Travis Hanes

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