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Title: Fool's Bluff, Author: Lee Gregg
Title: It's Always Been You, Author: Jessica Scott
Title: Staging is Murder, Author: Grace Topping
Title: Fool's Errand, Author: Ophelia Bell
Title: The Place Inside the Storm, Author: Bradley W. Wright
Title: Resisting his Target, Author: Amy Gamet Pre-Order Now
Title: Blood and Bones (Legion Book One), Author: AD Starrling
Title: Blind Justice, Author: Gwen Hernandez
Title: The Ghost Manuscript, Author: Kris Frieswick
Title: The Scorpion's Lullaby, Author: Juliet Vane
Title: My Detective, Author: Jeffrey Fleishman
Title: Fixer Redux, Author: Gene Doucette
Title: Blackberry and Wild Rose, Author: Sonia Velton
Title: The Korean Woman, Author: John Altman
Title: A Party for Lola, Author: Caitlin Ricci
Title: Blood on the Chesapeake, Author: Randy Overbeck
Title: To Ashes We Run, Author: Just B. Jordan
Title: Shattered Tempests, Author: Jessica Dall

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