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Title: Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt, Author: Helen Strudwick
Title: America's War for the Greater Middle East: A Military History, Author: Andrew J. Bacevich
Title: Last Crusaders, The, Author: Rogerson
Title: Shahs Last Ride, Author: Shawcross
Title: Egypt, Author: Lucia Gahlin
Title: The Illustrated Guide to the Bible (Reference Classics Series), Author: J.R.  Porter
Title: Rulers of Mecca, Author: Gerald De Gaury
Title: The Knights Templar Revealed, Author: Alan Butler
Title: Crusades, Author: Michael Paine
Title: Murdered Magicians: The Templars and Their Myth, Author: Peter Partner
Title: Life of Greece, Author: Will Durant
Title: The Decline and Fall of the Ottoman Empire (Fall River Press Edition), Author: Alan Palmer
Title: Turkey: Past and Present, Author: Auretta Monesi
Title: Gold of the Pharaohs, Author: Hans Muller
Title: The Knights Templar, Author: Stephen Howarth
Title: History of Ancient Egypt: The Culture and Lifestyle of the Ancient Egyptians, Author: Nathaniel Harris
Title: Revolt in the Desert, Author: T. E. Lawrence
Title: In Search of the Knights Templar (Metro Books Edition), Author: Simon Brighton
Title: Arab Historians of the Crusades, Author: Francesco Gabrieli
Title: The Holy Land from the Air, Author: Amos Elon

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