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Title: Tricks for Dogs, Author: PIL Staff
Title: The Secret Lives of Dogs: The Real Reasons Behind 52 Mysterious Canine Behaviors, Author: Jane Murphy
Title: Why Does My Dog Do That?: Comprehensive Answers to the 50+ Questions That Every Dog Owner Asks, Author: Sophie Collins
Title: Amazing Dog Tricks, Author: PIL STAFF
Title: What Your Dog Knows, Author: Sophie Collins
Title: Secret Language of Dogs, Author: Heather Dunphy
Title: The Complete Illustrated Guide to Dog Care, Author: Bruce Fogle
Title: Understanding Your Dog: An Illustrated Guide to Understanding Your Dog's Behavior, Author: Erica Peachey
Title: How to Raise a Puppy You Can Live With, Author: Clarice Rutherford
Title: Understanding Your Pet: The Eckstein Method of Pet Therapy and Behavior Training, Author: Warren Eckstein
Title: Love Me or Leash Me: 50 Simple Ways to Keep Me a Happy, Healthy and Well Behaved Companion, Author: Anne Bobby
Title: Dogwatching, Author: Desmond Morris
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Title: Click! Dog Training System: The Easiest, Most Effective Way to Train Your Dog, Author: Karen Pryor
Title: Dog Tricks: 40 Fun Activities for You and Your Dog!, Author: Selina Gibsone
Title: Dog Lover's Companion, Author: Paul McGreevy
Title: Complete Puppy School, Author: Dr. Quixi Sonntag
Title: No More Myths: True Facts About Pet Care, Author: Stefanie Schwartz D.V.M.
Title: 25 Stupid Mistakes Dog Owners Make, Author: Janine Adams
Title: Dog Tricks and Training, Author: Heather Hammonds
Title: Your Dog's IQ: How Clever is Your Canine?, Author: David Taylor

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