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Title: The Handy Box of Knots: Useful Knots for Every Situation, Indoors and Out, Author: Randy Penn
Title: Complete Guide to Boating and Seamanship: Powerboats - Canoeing and Kayaking - Fishing Boats - Navigation - Water Sports - Fishing - Water Survival - Electronics - Boating Safety - First Aid For Boaters, Author: Vin T. Sparano
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Title: The Knots Handbook: Step-by-step Instructions for Tying any Knot, Author: Randy Penn
Title: Knots: A Practical Step-by-Step Guide to Tying Over 100 Knots, Author: Gordon Perry
Title: Pocket Guide to Knots, Author: Maria Costantino
Title: The Complete Book of Knots, Author: Geoffrey Budworth
Title: Everyday Knots: For Fisherman, Boaters, Climbers, Crafters, and Household Use, Author: Geoffrey Budworth
Title: Wooden Boats: The Art of Loving and Caring for a Wooden Boat, Author: Andreas af Malmborg
Title: The Ultimate Guide to Motor Boats, Author: Barry Pickthall
Title: The Great Classic Yacht Revival, Author: Nic Compton
Title: Boats, Author: Sunny Reynolds
Title: Knots, Author: Des Pawson
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Title: Knots, Author: Ken S. Burton
Title: Pocket Guide to Knots & Splices, Author: Des Pawson
Title: Ultimate Encyclopedia of Knots & Ropework, Author: Geoffrey Budworth
Title: Modern Seamanship, Author: Don Dodds
Title: Top Knots: Over 70 Dependable Knots-How To Tie And How To Use Them, Author: Colin Jarman
Title: The Directory of Knots, Author: John Shaw
Title: Complete Book of Knots and Ropework, Author: Geoffrey Budworth
Title: Knots and how to Tie Them, Author: Walter B. Gibson

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