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Look Sharp [BN Exclusive] [Clear Vinyl]
That's Life [B&N Exclusive] [Blue Marble Vinyl]
Duran Duran [B&N Exclusive] [White Vinyl]
Classic Hauser [BN Exclusive] [Includes Bonus Track]
Greenfields: The Gibb Brothers' Songbook, Vol. 1 [B&N Exclusive]  [Metallic-Silver Vinyl]
Be Not Nobody [Gold Melt Vinyl] [B&N Exclusive]
No Jacket Required [B&N Exclusive] [Orange Vinyl]
Forever Young [BN Exclusive] [Orange Vinyl]
Songs Of Comfort And Hope [BN Exclusive]
Greatest Hits [BN Exclusive] [White Vinyl]
Terra Firma [BN Exclusive] [Includes Signed Poster]
(For God's Sake) Give More Power To The People [B&N Exclusive] [Yellow Vinyl]
Merry Christmas From King Records [Green Vinyl] [B&N Exclusive]
Merry Christmas From Jackie Wilson [B&N Exclusive] [Red Vinyl]


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Drop the Needle On the Hits: Best of Gordon Lightfoot [B&N Exclusive]
At Folsom Prison [B&N Exclusive] [Gold Vinyl]
Look Sharp [BN Exclusive] [Clear Vinyl]
Simply The Best
That's Life [B&N Exclusive] [Blue Marble Vinyl]
Drop the Needle on the Hits: The Best of Sam & Dave [B&N Exclusive]
Mamma Mia! [B&N Exclusive]
Windy City [B&N Exclusive] [Alternate Cover]
In Time: The Best Of R.E.M. 1988-2003 (R.E.M.)
Anthology Of Bread [B&N Exclusive] [White Vinyl]
Red Headed Stranger (B&N Exclusive) (Blood-Splatter Vinyl)
McCartney III Imagined [Translucent Deep Blue Vinyl][B&N Exclusive] Pre-Order Now
Charlie Brown Christmas [B&N Exclusive] [Picture Disc]
Duran Duran [B&N Exclusive] [White Vinyl]
Kacey Musgraves Christmas Show  [Translucent Red Vinyl with Bonus Poster] [B&N Exclusive]

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Sound Of Music (1965 Movie Soundtrack) / [B&N Exclusive] [Golden-Sun Colored Vinyl] Pre-Order Now
Soberish [B&N Exclusive] [Blue Vinyl] Pre-Order Now
Layla Revisited Feat. Trey Anastasio [B&N Exclusive] [Opaque Violet Vinyl] [3LP] Pre-Order Now
In The Heights Official Motion Picture Soundtrack [BN Exclusive] [Violet Vinyl] Pre-Order Now
An Introduction To Elliott Smith [B&N Exclusive] [Red & Black Vinyl] Pre-Order Now
Leftover Feelings [Signed Edition] [Black Splatter Vinyl] [B&N Exclusive] Pre-Order Now
Path Of Wellness[B&N Exclusive] [Opaque Black Vinyl] [Signed Poster] Pre-Order Now
Dc Dark Nights: Death Metal [B&N Exclusive] [Blue Vinyl] [Trading Card & Poster] [2LP] Pre-Order Now
McCartney III Imagined [Translucent Deep Blue Vinyl][B&N Exclusive] Pre-Order Now
Fleetwood Mac Live [Red Vinyl] [B&N Exclusive] Pre-Order Now
Grateful Dead (Skull & Roses) Live [B&N Exclusive] [Neon Orange Vinyl] Pre-Order Now
Aretha [B&N Exclusive] [Opaque Purple Vinyl] Pre-Order Now
Local Valley [B&N Exclusive] [Incl. Hand Signed Art Print] [LTD] Pre-Order Now
Always Like New [B&N Exclusive] [Translucent-Cobalt Vinyl] Pre-Order Now
Mel Brooks' Young Frankenstein / O.C.R. Pre-Order Now

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Crosley CR8005D-WSK BN Exclusive Cruiser Deluxe Turntable - Woodstock Tie Dye
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