Title: The Awakening (Dragon Heart Legacy Series #1), Author: Nora Roberts
Title: Ready Player Two: A Novel, Author: Ernest Cline
Title: Light of the Jedi (Star Wars: The High Republic), Author: Charles Soule
Title: Rhythm of War: Book Four of The Stormlight Archive, Author: Brandon Sanderson
Title: From a Certain Point of View: The Empire Strikes Back (Star Wars), Author: Seth Dickinson
Title: Spellbreaker, Author: Charlie N. Holmberg
Title: The Last Emperox, Author: John Scalzi
Title: The Effort, Author: Claire Holroyde
Title: A Contest of Principles, Author: Greg Cox
Title: Heart of Black Ice: Sister of Darkness: The Nicci Chronicles, Volume IV, Author: Terry Goodkind
Title: Journey to the Center of the Earth, Author: Jules Verne
Title: Age of Empyre, Author: Michael J. Sullivan
Title: Welcome to the Monkey House: Stories, Author: Kurt Vonnegut
Title: The Invisible Library, Author: Genevieve Cogman
Title: Archangel's Sun (Guild Hunter Series #13), Author: Nalini Singh
Title: Into the Light, Author: David Weber
Title: Pirate of the Prophecy, Author: Jack Campbell
Title: Diadem from the Stars, Author: Jo Clayton
Title: The Arrest, Author: Jonathan Lethem
Title: Monster Hunter Guardian, Author: Larry Correia

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