Title: Royal, Author: Danielle Steel
Title: The Mirror & the Light, Author: Hilary Mantel
Title: The Red Queen, Author: Philippa Gregory
Title: Victoria: A novel of a young queen by the Creator/Writer of the Masterpiece Presentation on PBS, Author: Daisy Goodwin
Title: The Golden Hour, Author: Beatriz Williams
Title: The Constant Princess, Author: Philippa Gregory
Title: The Virgin's Lover, Author: Philippa Gregory
Title: Royal Escape, Author: Georgette Heyer
Title: A Triple Knot, Author: Emma Campion
Title: The Tapestry, Author: Nancy Bilyeau
Title: The Boleyn King (Boleyn Trilogy Series #1), Author: Laura Andersen
Title: Royal Inheritance, Author: Kate Emerson
Title: The Fyre Mirror, Author: Karen Harper
Title: A Search for the King, Author: Gore Vidal
Title: The Taming of the Queen, Author: Philippa Gregory
Title: The Rose of York: Love and War, Author: Sandra Worth
Title: The Locksmith's Daughter, Author: Karen Brooks
Title: The Thorne Maze, Author: Karen Harper
Title: The Other Windsor Girl: A Novel of Princess Margaret, Royal Rebel, Author: Georgie Blalock
Title: The White Princess, Author: Philippa Gregory

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