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Title: A. Lincoln: A Biography, Author: Ronald C. White Jr.
Title: A Passion for Nature: The Life of John Muir, Author: Donald Worster
Title: Thomas Cromwell: The Untold Story of Henry VIII's Most Faithful Servant, Author: Tracy Borman
Title: Nancy Reagan: The Unauthorized Biography, Author: Kitty Kelley
Title: Gangster Warlords: Drug Dollars, Killing Fields, and the New Politics of Latin America, Author: Ioan Grillo
Title: Madam Speaker: Nancy Pelosi's Life, Times, and Rise to Power, Author: Marc Sandalow
Title: The End of Alchemy: Money, Banking, and the Future of the Global Economy, Author: Mervyn King
Title: Think and Grow Rich, Author: Napoleon Hill
Title: The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, Author: Benjamin Franklin
Title: Burn Pits: The Poisoning of America's Soldiers, Author: Joseph Hickman
Title: The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius, Author: Marcus Aurelius
Title: Achieving Our Country: Leftist thought in Twentieth-Century America, Author: Richard Rorty
Title: The Devil Is Here in These Hills: West Virginia's Coal Miners and Their Battle for Freedom, Author: James Green
Title: Enrique's Journey, Author: Sonia Nazario
Title: Collaboration: Hollywood's Pact with Hitler, Author: Ben Urwand
Title: Political Philosophy: A Very Short Introduction, Author: David Miller
Title: Machiavelli: A Very Short Introduction, Author: Quentin Skinner
Title: We Can All Do Better, Author: Bill Bradley
Title: Second Best: The Rise of the American Vice Presidency, Author: James E Hite
Title: If Mayors Ruled the World: Dysfunctional Nations, Rising Cities, Author: Benjamin R. Barber

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