Adaptive Studios gives untold stories new life by adapting unproduced screenplays into thrilling, high-concept reads. These scripts become great books—that one day might hit the big screen.

Exclusive to Barnes & Noble

Haunted in Hollywood
The Future Is Written: A Sarah Roberts Story
Fairy Godbrothers
Mary Rose
Against All Silence (SOS Thriller Series #2)
The Memory Thief
Day of Ice (Crusoe Adventure Series #2)
Shadow of a Doubt
Sand & Bone
1985: Stories from SOS

The Memory Thief

Book Trailer

Watch the trailer for The Memory Thief, an exciting new book about a young boy who learns to manipulate memories, available exclusively at Barnes and Noble. Order The Memory Thief today.

Additional Titles from Adaptive Studios

Coin Heist
The Silence of Six (SOS Thriller Series #1)
Shadow of a Doubt
40 Dates & 40 Nights
DC Trip
Pasta Wars
Bleeding Earth
Against All Silence (SOS Thriller Series #2)
The Memory Thief
Dawn of Spies (Crusoe Adventure Series #1)
Outward Blonde