Title: Christmas Tree In-a-Box, Author: Sam Ita
Title: Lucky Cat: He Brings You Good Luck, Author: Laurel Wellman
Title: Henna Tattoos: Stunning, Sexy and Safe Tattoos for Every Occasion, Author: Aileen Marron
Title: Chinese Fortune Sticks: Consult the Ancient Oracle for Everyday Guidance, Author: Zhao Xiaomin
Title: Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead (Gift Edition with Scarab), Author: Raymond O. Faulkner
Title: Elvis Impersonation Kit: A Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming the King, Author: Laura Lee
Title: How to Draw and Paint Vampires, Author: Steve Ellis
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Title: The Bandanna Book: 50 Uses for an American Original, Author: Ty Juan Ahn
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Title: Santa Claus In-A-Box Kit: Everything You Need To Dress Like Santa & Make Your Holidays Complete, Author: Clement Clarke Moore
Title: Gnome and Garden: A Gnovelty Kit, Author: Marcus Mennes
Title: Tribal Tattoos, Author: Aileen Marron
Title: Asian Tattoos, Author: Aileen Marron