A light rain fell on the streets of London and nobody seemed to notice. Some of the people passing by on the King’s Road had opened their umbrellas, but most just did up an additional button on their coats, unfussed…Read more


Castle Girnigoe sat on a narrow peninsula atop slabs of rock that rose high above the sparkling blue-green sea. Innes couldn’t help but be impressed by the three towers looming over the sea and the rolling moors.  Standing amid the…Read more

SF & Fantasy

Chalk: A Novel

Chalk: A Novel

Paul Cornell

The Halloween disco was on a Sunday night that year, with the half-term break having started on the Saturday, so it was one of those awkward going-back-into-school things. It was held, as always, in a room under the school, in…Read more

Teen & YA

Penny, Carrie, and Bess are the daughters of Tipper and Harris Sinclair. Harris came into his money at twenty-one after Harvard and grew the fortune doing business I never bothered to understand. He inherited houses and land. He made intelligent…Read more


I don’t like clutter. I firmly believe that there is a place for everything and everything should be in its place. And I know there’s a name for people like me: neat.  It is astounding to me how much stuff…Read more